॥ प्रज्वालितो ज्ञानमयः प्रदीपः ॥

Karnataka Samskrit University

Motto and Logo


Motto for the university has been chosen from Brahmapurāṇam of Vedavyasa. The motto has been represented in Devanagari script in the logo. ‘prajvālito jñānamayaḥ pradīpaḥ’ indicating the supremacy of knowledge. This motto represents the objective of the university to unite ancient and modern knowledge systems. The lamp of knowledge should light up this world, going beyond place and time burning bright fueledby knowledge never to be extinguished. It emphasizes the vision that human life should be entwined inseparably with knowledge.


The logo of Karnataka Samskrit University was created by a famed artist of Karnataka, Sri. Muralidhara V Rathod. The logo, as conceptualized by the honorable Vice Chancellor and the artist, is unique. It contains the title of the university in Devanagari, English and Kannada scripts. Devanagari script has been chosen since the university is based on the foundations of Samskrit language, literature and knowledge. Devanagari has been extensively used since ancient times for representing many Indian languages. Through Devanagari script, the University symbolises the greatness of the divine language, Samskrit. The expanse and global reach of the university is signified by the English script. The university is a dream-child of the Karnataka government. It is a representative of all Samskrit scholars of Karnataka, and also intends to nurture mutual co-operation between Samskrit and Kannada languages. This is signified by the use of Kannada script in the logo.