Department of Alankara

शब्दार्थशासनज्ञानमारत्रेणैव न वेद्यते ।
वेद्यते स तु काव्यार्थतत्वज्ञैरेव केवलम् ।
|| ध्वन्यालोकः ||

The Sanskrit language and literature is the basis of the social and cultural ethos of India.  Several hymns of Rigveda are looked upon as genuine specimens of fine poetry. The first systemization perhaps started with the Natya Sutra of Bharata. This work though primarily a work on drama, marks itself as the conception for the origins of systematization of the poems as a science. Poets like Kalidasa, Dandin and others have enriched this school on poems through their prolific writings. The classes are being taken by efficient dedicated scholars of the department.

Department of Alankara Shastra established in academic year of 2018-19 in Karnataka Samskrit University before it was functioning has Faculty of Shastra. The Department is envisioned to facilitate and provide state-of-the-art education in Samskrita Alankara Studies and Research. The Department has excellent faculty who are well-versed in Alankara Shastra, Literature, Poetic Logic, Vyakarana and Indian phonetics Schools.  The Department is also moving towards to implement CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) from the academic year 2020-21.

Objectives of the Department:

The objectives of the Alankāras department are to enable students to,  
. Study and analyse the literary works of the great poets.
. Understand and appreciate the subtle nuances and word play present in the literary texts.
. Apply and analyse the concepts and principles of different shastras like vyakarna and nyaya to the prescribed text.
. Explore role of alankāras – are they merely embellishments with ornamental value or are they integral to literary creation defining their very existence?
. Recognise the distinction between different Alankāras and rhetorical figures of speech

Programmes Offered

Post-Graduate Programmes

MA in Alankara Shastra
PhD in AlankaraShastra

Introduced in 2019-20 by Department of Vyakarana, this NEP based course has 3 core vyakarana papers, one elective, and an innovative interdisciplinary project in the final year. The course prepares students in the process of “प्रक्रिया”, “प्रमेय” and state of the linguistics.

Lecture Series

  • Alankarasya Swarupam Vikasascha

अलङ्कारस्य स्वरूपं विकासश्च

Resource Person – Prof. Lakshmi Narayana Bhat

Principal, SMSP Sanskrit College, Udupi

17 August 2020

  • रसगङ्गाधरस्य विषयनिरूपणा शैली

Resource Person: Dr. Suresh Acharya

Retd. Principal, SMSP Sanskrit College, Udupi

29 August 2022




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Faculty Profiles

Dr. Bheemanaik S

HOD and Assistant Professor

Dr[A1] . Bheemanaik obtained PhD from Kuvempu University with the topic “Shivathathvarathnakaradallina Alankara Shastra Vimarshe”, under the
Guidance of Dr. G.V.Kallapura. He completed MA in Samskrit and also holds a B.ed degree. He has written book chapters in Unnata Shikshanadalli Yoga, Pranayama mathu Dyana published by Govt. First Grade College, Kittur.  He also published Baanana Saili published by Likhit Publications, Mysore. Kalidaseeyarupakeshu Paryavaranapreetihi written by Dr. Bheemanaik was published by Department of studies in Sanskrit, University of Mysore.
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Dr. Rishidev Bhargav N

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rishidev Bharghav. N (Vyakarana Acharya) brought up in Gurukula system of education at Arsha Gurukul Mahavidyalaya, Khanpur, Hariyana and got Vyakarana AchaAcharya Degree in Panini grammar. Acharya has expertise in Prachya-vyakarana, particularly in Kaashikaa and Mahabhaashyam. He has also Masters Degree in Alankara Shastra (with gold medal) from University of Mysore and P.G. Diploma in Manuscriptology from University of Mysore (with First Rank). Mphil in “Karakaprakaranam Ekam Adhyayanam” from S.V. University, Tirupati. Doctorate from University of Mysore under the guidance of Prof. Ananta Nagendra Bhatt, entitled, “Shikshaa shaastram ekam samshodhanam” (A systematic study on ancient Indian phonetics).
He worked as assistant research for six years on “Ganakashtadhyayi” – software developed by Dr. Shivamurthy Shivacharya Swamiji on Panini-sutras. He successfully completed three research projects on Laghusiddhantakaumudi, Siddhantakaumudi and Kaashikaa) under the guidance of Prof. Pierre Sylvain. Filliozat (Former president of French Academy, Paris)

Dr. Vanaraja B K

Assitant Professor

Dr. Vanaraja B K (Alankara Vidwath) brought up in traditional way of education and he pursued Alankara Shastra Vidwath in Sri Kalabhairaveshwara Sanskrit Veda Agama college, Sri Adichunchanagiri Kshetra, Nagamangala Tuluk, Mandya District and also completed his Vidwath in Adwaita Vedanta. Krishna Yajuveda Ghananta and MA in Sanskrit from Kuvempu University, Shimoga. Completed Ph.D from Tumkur University entitled Basana Roopakagalalli Nayakaru Ondu Vimarshatmaka Adhyayana under the Guidance of Dr. Sridhara Bhat Ainakai.

Visiting faculty in the Department